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So what if advice professionals prefer Apple to Windows?

Thu 10 May 2012

Our poll reveals that most people would prefer to use Apple rather than Windows PCs so why don't we think it should matter?

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Are you Apple Mac or Windows PC?

Wed 14 Dec 2011

We’re interested to discover the extent to which financial advice professionals use Apple Macs versus Windows PCs for work – and which they would prefer to use.

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Moneyscope on mobile devices

Mon 14 Nov 2011

"It works well on Galaxy tab 10.1 on Android 3.1. Screen size good, could be used with a client. Saved report to Evernote easily"

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Mon 17 Oct 2011

Built a client file from scratch, adjusted, and planned scenarios live with client on Moneyscope - all on an iPad today.

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