Pete Matthews and cashflow forecasting

Mon 12 Mar 2012

OK so, first, we must confess that Moneyscope does sponsor Meaningful Money’s mission to help consumers make sense of money.

But, much as we’d like to, we’re afraid that we can’t claim the credit for insisting that Moneyscope co-starred with Pete Matthew in his latest episode on cash-flow planning.

Besides the fact that it is a big compliment for Moneyscope to feature - so ‘thank you’ Pete - what we really like is the way that Pete is able to use Moneyscope to easily demonstrate the benefits of cash-flow planning for consumers.

It illustrates exactly how we’d always hoped Moneyscope would work for financial advisers and planners: a refreshingly straightforward way to calculate your client’s lifetime cashflow, in a way which your clients can easily understand.

March 2012