Problem solving trail post

Thu 13 Sep 2012

The last update on progress of adding problem solving to Moneyscope was back in June. Well we're delighted to say that we're very nearly ready. In fact we're close enough to being ready that this post will give you the details and the date.

If you're not inclined to read down to the bottom of this post, we'll let you know right now that Moneyscope won't be available from 8am on 15 September until 8am on 17 September so that we can update it. 

Problem solving

Still with us? Good. 

Included in the update is the ability to help find answers to cash flow dilemmas you identify when creating forecasts in Moneyscope. We're calling this problem solving and it builds on the scenario planning feature we added last year. Richard has recorded a short video here.

By problem solving, we mean those occasions where a client’s forecast kicks up a cash flow dilemma somewhere down the line - where cash runs out too soon, for instance.

You can set a financial goal for your client and, if the cash flow forecast identifies that your client won't meet that goal, Moneyscope will help you to identify the adjustments that could be made to help solve the issue. Depending on which factor you select Moneyscope will help identify:

  • How much extra income your client needs;
  • How much extra savings or investments (capital) your client will need;
  • What your client needs to reduce their spending by; and
  • What rate of return their investments need to achieve. 

We’re keen to make sure that the addition of the problem solving feature doesn’t affect the speed and simplicity that advisers enjoy; so if you don't want to make use of problem solving you don't have to. You can carry on using Moneyscope as you always have. 

Improving reports in Moneyscope

We've also finalised the update to reports that we mentioned in this post.

As a result of conversations with you, this update will also include:

  1. The ability to add your own logo to reports; and
  2. A small  section where advisers can add comments that will appear in each report.

Making it easier to manage client and scenario information

While working on these changes, we've also taken the opportunity to make it easier to edit information for clients and their scenarios. Believe it or not, up until, it hasn't been possible for you to edit the name of a scenario and changing a client's name and age hasn't been all that easy. Take a look at this blog to find out how this will change what you see in Moneyscope.

It's the little things that matter...

We are shamelessly excited about these changes. They are the smallest things and we doubt very much that you'll share our excitement but you never know so here goes...

  1. The horizontal axis on the chart will show ages on one line, not over two, no matter how long the term;
  2. The sliders on Step 2 of Moneyscope will be 'draggable' on the iPad and Android tablets; 
  3. The Account and Profile pages will be merged so that all information is on the same page, now called Account; 
  4. In Step 1, we're going to make it easier to edit items for incoming and outgoing money;
  5. We're making it more obvious where information is missing if it hasn't been added; 
  6. Advisers who manage their Moneyscope account, can now update credit card details. 

We've also taken this opportunity to rebuild Moneyscope on a new framework. This will give us more flexibility in future if we choose to introduce any further updates.

A reminder

If you've made it to this point in this post, well done.  To remind you Moneyscope will be unavailable from 8am on 15 September to 8am on 17 September so we can make this update.

Drop us a line if you have any questions about this or any other matters.

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