DB APTA cash flows

Mon 2 Dec 2019

Moneyscope is great for simple cash flow forecasts. We all know that. Hoever, like all good things, knowing what it's not good for is important. cash flows underpin most APTAs when looking at DB cases. The FCA came out with CP19/25 in July and that included comments about things they would like to see advisers do better. One of these was taking account of tax in cash flows. Moneyscope does not automtaically calculate tax in forecasts. Although it can be done manually, a good APTA will include the client's full position over many years. This may well incliude analysis of income tax, CGT, lifetime allowance etc and here at Moneyscope we believe that a more detailed tool should be used such as Voyant, Truth, Xplan or i4c. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk about this.

December 2019