Reports live

Sat 12 May 2012

We successully released the first stage of your new-look printed reports yesterday. The new design is available for you to use the next time you log-in to Moneyscope.

The main things we think you'll notice as a result of the changes are:

  • A new layout which we hope you and your clients will find much easier to read;
  • A bit more colour - highlighting positive values in green and negative values in orange;
  • The addition of text on the second page of the report - beneath the 'Money coming in' and 'Money going out' sections - which explain what's meant by 'increase with inflation', 'adjust with inflation' and 'in today's terms'.

As we said in our recent post about the redesign, we're releasing changes to the reports in two stages. We're working on the next stage at the moment and will let you know when you can expect it to go live at our blog, on Twitter and - if you subscribe to our e-mails - by e-mail too.

May 2012