Reports issue

Wed 18 Jul 2012

We've been keeping our eye on an intermittent issue which can affect the generation of printed reports from Moneyscope.

From time to time you may have found that a printed report is missing the chart or experiencing other other formatting idiosyncrasies.

Obviously, that's not supposed to happen.

The reason it does is because we use a third party's charting software within our reports. Every now and then that charting software works at a slower rate than our PDF generator. When this happens the chart may be missing from the report or some of the formatting may be affected. 

We're building a new report generator that will enable us to eliminate this problem, as well as ensuring the reports are generated faster, and expect to put this live in early August. 

But if you encounter this problem in the meantime, we suggest you repeat the process of producing the report by pressing 'Print report' a couple of times. Usually, this fixes the problem.

If, having tried this, you're still having issues, just drop us a line at and we'll press 'Print report' as many times as we need to in order to help you out.

We're very sorry if you've been bugged by this bug.

July 2012