Four ways in which advisers are using Moneyscope

Wed 13 Jul 2011

Last month, we added a new feature to Moneyscope which allows you to test more than one lifetime cash-flow scenario for each client, without having to add financial information over and over again.

We've enjoyed receiving positive comments about the new feature and - and this is the bit that really interests us - we've talked to a few Moneyscope users about how they're using scenarios, and we've discovered that it's being used in all sorts of ways - some of which we hadn't anticipated. 

Not the kind of people to keep stuff like this to ourselves, we thought we'd share four examples illustrating how advice professionals, like you, are using Moneyscope with their clients. So here they are…

  1. Helping advisers to illustrate the value of their advice fees: The simple and clear visualisation of cash-flow forecasts is helping at least one adviser illustrate the value that their financial advice may offer to their clients. Demonstrating the effects of active financial planning and decision-making over their financial lifetime enables clients to recognise both the importance of advice and its financial value in terms of fees.
  2. Demonstrating the impact of early retirement on cash flow: We've discovered that advisers are using Moneyscope's sliding scales within different scenarios to quickly show the effect of retirement at different ages; something that isn't always easy to do using more complex software.
  3. Illustrating the effect of attitude to risk: Quite simply, to easily illustrate how attitude to investment risk may affect investment returns and, therefore, the consequences for a clients cash flow in the future.
  4. Visualising the impact upon cash flow of a market crash scenario: One adviser has used Moneyscope to bring to life the effect that market fluctuations - like a Stock Market Crash - may have upon investment returns and its consequences for long-term cash flow.

So how are you using Moneyscope?

We'd be really interested to hear how you are using Moneyscope with your clients too, so why not drop us a line - no matter how brief or detailed - to and let us know?

July 2011