Help us to improve Moneyscope reports

Thu 22 Mar 2012

We released a new version of Moneyscope this week and - as part of it - a new printed report format; that's the printed report which you hand to your client when you've built their cashflow forecast using Moneyscope.

Obviously, we're not perfect, and what we've learned from a few users this week is that - if there's one thing that they'd do to improve new Moneyscope - it's to make the presentation of the printed reports better.

We think so too. We're pernickety about things like this. And so we're going to fix it for you.

But there's a (sort of) catch: we'd like your help to double-check the changes that you'd like us to make to the reports before we make them.

And there are two ways that you can help us with this if you'd like to:

  1. You can let us know how we can make the printed reports better simply by adding your comment below this post; or
  2. You can join us for a Google+ Hangout on Tuesday 27 March at 11am, so you can share your ideas with the Moneyscope team, as well as other users.

In order to join in the Google+ Hangout, you'll need to have a Google+ account.  If you haven't already got a Google+ account, just sign up. Once you've joined, you can also add Moneyscope at Google+ to your circles. 

No matter how you are able to help, we look forward to hearing from you

March 2012