Latest review of moneyscope

Wed 31 Oct 2012

We'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from the latest review of Moneyscope by the lang cat's Mark Polson for IFA Online, but it's fair to say we're really chuffed with the comments, so we won't go on about it.

(In particular, we won't go on about the bit where Mark says: "Too often tools or sites which claim simplicity lack the discipline to keep things really, really clear. It’s like there’s an irrepressible urge to sex things up and find functionality USPs to help sell against the competition. Moneyscope doesn’t do that – its entire look and feel is its USP.")

(Or the final line where Mark says: "Richard and his team certainly seem to be staying on the side of the angels at the moment.")

Here's the link to the article: 'Easy Money: Mark Polson reviews Moneyscope.'

October 2012