Cashflow planning - bringing money to life

Tue 28 Feb 2012

Richard presented at today’s IFP Financial Planning Day 2012 and we thought we’d share the slides for those who couldn’t make it or just want to take another look. 

At the IFP Conference last October, Richard focussed on the role of cashflow forecasts in assessing risk. Building on this, Richard’s talk today illustrated the ways in which cashflow planning can be used to help bring clients’ financial situations to life; whether this is as part of detailed financial planning, for clients who are saving for a specific goal or in order to address the wider issue of risk. 

With experience across a number of different cashflow forecasting tools, Richard also explored a number of different systems available to help advisers in this area. It goes without saying that Moneyscope was included but Richard also takes a look at the other tools available to meet varying adviser needs and preferences. 

February 2012