More colour in your reports

Mon 16 Apr 2012

Following the last update to Moneyscope, we received a lot of feedback from Moneyscope users about the format of the reports. 

We've decided to split the feedback into two camps; changes that can be made quickly and easily, and improvements which require a bit more consideration and coding and therefore more time to implement. 

Camp 1

We've been able to quickly implement a change in colours in the report. So from now on, you'll notice that the bar chart in reports you create using Moneyscope has had a bit more colour injected into it. The graph formerly showed positive values in black and negative values in red. These are now green and orange respectively. 

We've also added more colour to the yearly breakdown table. Where values are negative they are shown in orange in order to show that there may be an issue. 

Camp 2

As a result of the recent blog post and Google + Hangout asking for feedback on the reports, we've collected quite a few comments from users.

We are working our way through the list and will share what we intend to do with you here before we start making any changes. 

At this point, we think it's only fair to set expectations.

As you know, at Moneyscope, we like to stick to the principle that software should be swift, simple and easy to use.

That means it's unlikely that we'll implement all the changes that people have asked for. Instead, we're working through the ideas and suggestions and asking: 'Does this change mean we're still a refreshingly straightforward way to calculate a client's lifetime cash flow?'

If a change does tick that box, we'll include it. If it doesn't, we won't. It's not always easy to decide between one change or another but we tend to find that, by sticking to our principles, decisions make themselves.

April 2012