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Divorcing traditional cashflow wisdom from reality

Fri 15 Mar 2013

What happened when a tried-and-tested formula for calculating a lump-sum divorce settlement was put to the test using Moneyscope?

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Give your financial planning software a Rumsfelding

Mon 28 Jan 2013

Financial planners may learn a thing or two by testing their software with the thinking of a former US Secretary of Defence in mind.

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FTAdviser Guide to Cash Flow Modelling

Mon 24 Sep 2012

FTAdviser have published a useful guide to cash flow modelling. We think it's a helpful resource for anyone interested in finding out a little bit more, but then we would say that as Richard was one of the contributors.

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Paul Richardson: That's why I like Moneyscope

Wed 13 Jun 2012

Paul Richardson, managing director of Surrey-based Concept Financial Planning, explains why he likes using Moneyscope.

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So what if advice professionals prefer Apple to Windows?

Thu 10 May 2012

Our poll reveals that most people would prefer to use Apple rather than Windows PCs so why don't we think it should matter?

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A starring role for Moneyscope in Pete Matthew's latest blockbuster

Mon 12 Mar 2012

OK so, first, we must confess that Moneyscope does sponsor Meaningful Money’s mission to help consumers make sense of money. But, much as we’d like to, we’re afraid that we can’t claim the credit for insisting that Moneyscope co-starred with Pete Matthew in his latest episode on cash-flow planning.

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Cashflow planning - bringing money to life

Tue 28 Feb 2012

Richard presented at today’s IFP Financial Planning Day 2012 and we thought we’d share the slides for those who couldn’t make it or just want to take another look.

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Phil O'Connor's 'open mike' call on Moneyscope

Tue 7 Feb 2012

Meet Phil O’Connor of Whitewell Financial Planning based in Bolton, Lancashire. Phil features in the third of a series of six animated phone calls in which users of Moneyscope explain why they like using it.

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