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Reporting back on reports

Wed 31 Oct 2012

"You made changes to the reports I can produce in Moneyscope? Well, I never". We did and here's a round up of the changes.

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Wed 31 Oct 2012

Really impressed by the @Moneyscope software updates, particularly the colours. Client feedback has been good.

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Video: Help clients meet their goals with Moneyscope

Sun 16 Sep 2012

Richard explains the latest changes to Moneyscope

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Editing made easier

Thu 13 Sep 2012

It's a small thing but we're making it easier to edit client information and scenario names in Moneyscope.

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Count down to problem solving

Thu 13 Sep 2012

In this post we start the count down to our latest update which includes help for solving problems. Find out more

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Video: New problem solving feature in live testing

Fri 7 Sep 2012

Richard demonstrates how the new problem solving feature works. Do you want to give a go yourself?

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We're offline at 3pm BST tomorrow while your new reports go online

Thu 10 May 2012

Moneyscope will be offline from 3.00pm (BST) on Friday so we can release stage one of your new look reports

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Specifying 'increase with' inflation rates

Tue 24 Apr 2012

Richard Allum explains the new Moneyscope 'featurette' in this video.

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