September 2012

Video: New problem solving feature in live testing

Fri 7 Sep 2012

Richard demonstrates how the new problem solving feature works. Do you want to give a go yourself?

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Count down to problem solving

Thu 13 Sep 2012

In this post we start the count down to our latest update which includes help for solving problems. Find out more

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Editing made easier

Thu 13 Sep 2012

It's a small thing but we're making it easier to edit client information and scenario names in Moneyscope.

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Video: Help clients meet their goals with Moneyscope

Sun 16 Sep 2012

Richard explains the latest changes to Moneyscope

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Tue 18 Sep 2012

@Moneyscope looks like you are onto a winner with your improvements - simple yet effective

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Video: Meet-a-goal with Moneyscope in detail

Thu 20 Sep 2012

Would you like a bit more help with using the Moneyscope meet-a-goal feature? 3.48 minutes with Richard in this video should do it.

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Video: Managing your clients

Thu 20 Sep 2012

If you're interested in finding out a bit more of how you manage your clients in Moneyscope, this is the video for you. It'll take up less than two minutes of your time.

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Video: Personalising your account and reports

Thu 20 Sep 2012

Richard's video shows you how to add your own logo and some of your own wording to your Moneyscope account and the reports you produce. At 2 minutes, 4 seconds it'll take as long to watch this as it does to eat a Mars bar.

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