What's new with Moneyscope Too?

Sun 18 Mar 2012

So what's changed?

Well first things first, you'll have already noticed that Moneyscope has a new simplified look. You've probably also clocked the fact that we've rolled this out on the website too. Like it? We do.

Now on to the functional changes to Moneyscope:

  1. We've made the 'Total savings over time' chart larger. There isn't much more we can say about that other than it was something that Moneyscope users had asked for. So we've done it;
  2. The total savings over time graph shows negative values in a different colour: on screen a negative value will be in orange but, in your printed report, negative values will appear in red; 
  3. The ‘Income’ and ‘Expenses’ labels in ‘Step 1’ of the process have changed to ‘Money coming in’ and ‘Money going out’ - we just think this labelling is clearer;
  4. Finally, we've made the ability to re-sort content in a column - by clicking on the column heading - much clearer. You've always been able to do this but it just hasn't been all that visibile until now. 

We're now starting work on two more changes. Changes that you've told us you'd like to see. These are:

  1. The ability to apply individual inflation rates to each item of money coming in and money going out. This is something we’ve had lot of requests for so we’re adding it.  And those of you that don’t want to make use of it, and are happy with how it works now, don’t have to. 
  2. Shortly after this we’ll add the problem-solving feature which Rich spoke about in this blog post.  

We still believe that less is best and will continue to endeavour to keep Moneyscope as swift, simple and easy to use as possible; supporting great financial advice and visually illustrating your clients' financial situations in an easy to understand way.

We hope you enjoy Moneyscope Too. 

March 2012
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