May 2012

How inflation works in Moneyscope

Wed 2 May 2012

From time to time we are asked to explain how inflation works in Moneyscope so here's a short video that does just that.

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Richard's IFP London slidedeck

Wed 2 May 2012

Moneyscope founder, Richard Allum, was invited to speak about financial planning at the IFP's Branch meeting in London last night. Here are the slides he used during his talk.

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A sneak peek at Moneyscope's new design for reports

Thu 3 May 2012

Take a look at what we're working on to help improve the reports you can produce with Moneyscope.

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So what if advice professionals prefer Apple to Windows?

Thu 10 May 2012

Our poll reveals that most people would prefer to use Apple rather than Windows PCs so why don't we think it should matter?

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We're offline at 3pm BST tomorrow while your new reports go online

Thu 10 May 2012

Moneyscope will be offline from 3.00pm (BST) on Friday so we can release stage one of your new look reports

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New-look reports now live

Sat 12 May 2012

We successfully released the first of two planned stages in a redesign of your printed reports. Here's a brief summary of the changes and news on stage two.

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Thu 17 May 2012

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