November 2011

Wed 2 Nov 2011

Rewarding client meeting using Moneyscope - nice to see clients interact with a simple cashflow

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Moneyscope on mobile devices

Mon 14 Nov 2011

"It works well on Galaxy tab 10.1 on Android 3.1. Screen size good, could be used with a client. Saved report to Evernote easily"

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Mon 14 Nov 2011

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FT Adviser on modelling tools

Tue 22 Nov 2011

Moneyscope is assessed in this FT Adviser article on cashflow modelling tools.

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Wed 23 Nov 2011

I use Moneyscope after having either been a user of or trialled Truth, Voyant, and PlanLab. The latter are all very competent, but I like the simplicity of Moneyscope and it does all that I and my clients need.

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