October 2011

Moneyscope’s rising star in the Lone Star State

Mon 3 Oct 2011

Moneyscope’s first registered user in the United States, John Gay, tells us how Moneyscope fits with his financial planning and investment advice practice.

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Citywire risk profiling

Wed 5 Oct 2011

Moneyscope's Richard Allum features in Citywire.

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Wed 5 Oct 2011

Finally got round to looking at Moneyscope yesterday. Hugely impressed with how quick it was to get access to using it.

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Assessing risk and the role of cashflows

Wed 5 Oct 2011

A presentation that was delivered at the IFP Conference yesterday which is featured in a story at Citywire/New Model Adviser

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Mon 17 Oct 2011

Built a client file from scratch, adjusted, and planned scenarios live with client on Moneyscope - all on an iPad today.

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Cashflow modelling tools in Citywire

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Citywire report on different tools available for cashflow modelling.

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Citywire - how to pick the right cashflow modelling tool

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Richard Allum from Moneyscope features in this Citywire article about cashflow modelling tools.

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Citywire: How to pick the right cashflow modelling tool

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Richard’s comments about the UK’s Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) chief, Nick Cann’s recent remarks about the use of cashflow modelling tools, have just been published at Citywire.

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